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Zakah – Zakaat On Sliver And Gold:-

Zakat on silver and gold:-

Zakat on silver and gold

1) On silver and gold zakah is absolutely obligatory (1) (in whatever form it may be in the shape (2) of coins, gold coins, jewelry (3), utensils (4), etc.

2) 40th part of silver and gold is to be paid as zakat.

3) The prescribed limit of silver is 200 dirham (425 grams and 285 milligrams) and on gold 20 ‘misqal’ (60 grams and 755 milligrams).If a person possesses 200 dirham (425 grams and 285 milligrams) silver or 20 ‘misqal’ (60 grams 755 milligrams) gold for a period of one complete year 40th part of it i.e. 5 dirham (10 grams 632 milligrams) silver of half ‘misqal’ (1 gram 519 milligrams) gold is compulsory to be paid as zakat.

Warning:- Zakaat is not due on less than 425 grams 285 milligrams of silver. Similarly no zakah is due (5) on less than 60 grams 755 milligrams gold.

4) If the silver is more than the prescribed limit to the extent of 1/5th of it i.e. 85 grams 57 (6) milligrams of silver or 12 grams 151 milligrams of gold (7) zakat is due on this portion also (8). For 85 grams 57 milligrams silver the zakat will be 2 grams 126 milligrams silver (9). For 12 grams 151 milligrams of gold the zakah will be 304 milligrams of gold (10). Similarly on every 1/5th additional portion i.e. 85 grams 57 milligrams silver, 2 grams 126 milligrams silver and on 12 grams 151 milligrams gold, 304 milligrams is compulsory to be paid as zakat. less than the 1/5th portion zakaat is waived. Zakat on silver and gold

Zakat on silver and gold

Obligatory (1) : Zakah is due on any thing of gold and silver.

Shape (2) : Whether melted or ingots.

Jewellery (3) : Whether clad in jewellery or not or kept closed.

Utensils (4) : The brocade and the golden marks are included in it.

No zakat is due (5) : That which is commonly known as 52 and 1/2 tola silver and 7 and 1/2 tola gold which are not the tolas of present measurement.

(6) : Other than 425 grams 285 milligrams silver.

(7) : Other than 60 grams and 755 milligrams of gold.

(8) : And if it is not equal to 1/5th no zakat is due.

(9) : Because it will be 1/40th portion (87 grams 57 milligrams silver).

(10) : Because it is the 1/40th portion of (12 grams 151 milligrams gold). .

5) For payment of zakat on gold and silver the weight is important, the prize is not valid. If the silver and gold according to weight reach the nisab zakaat will be obligatory. and according to the weight if it is less than the nisab and according to prize it is more zakat is not due provided the zakah of each particular metal is paid out of the same metal which means the zakaat of silver with silver and of gold with gold. If the zakah of silver is paid out of gold and the zakat of gold is paid out of silver at that time the price will be the criteria.(1)

6) If the gold and silver are found mixed. The silver is predominant over gold in such case if the gold has reached the Nisab zakaat is due on gold. And if the silver reaches the Nisab the zakah due on silver will be obligatory. If the gold is predominant over silver in the entire object will be counted as gold because the gold is superior in value and dear it will be taken into account when it is predominant.

7) If some other metal is mixed with gold and silver which is not predominant it is not taken into account. Zakat will be definitely obligatory. If that metal is predominant (2) there will be no order of gold and silver (3).

8)If one possesses gold as well as silver and both are separately comprising of nisab it is necessary to pay the zakaat by treating the silver as gold or gold as silver whereas separate zakah will be obligately for each.

9) If anyone has a little quantity of silver and a little quantity of gold and both are not equal to nisab but by joining them (e.g. The gold equal to the price of silver and silver equal to the price of

gold) the nisab of any one metal is being completed zakat will be paid by joining both the metals. Even by joining them together the nisab of any one is not being completed zakaat is not obligatory.

Zakat on silver and gold Criteria (1) : For the zakat of gold an article of silver is given which costs one gold coin. Then it will be deemed that one gold coin is given even though its weight is not equal to a rupee.

Predominant (2) :  If gold and silver and other mixture are equal in such case zakat will be obligatory as a precautionary measure.

Silver (3) : whereas there are different conditions and according to those conditions there will be different orders to explain them in detail there is no space here.

10) If the nisab of silver and gold is not complete and there are goods of trade and by joining them if the nisab becomes complete the zakaat is to be paid by joining them.

11) The cash which is not invested in trade (1) there is no nisab for this and no zakah is due on it. If the cash is invested in trade and equal to the nisab of silver and gold zakat is due on it.

(1) : If these coins are not in circulation now.

Appeal: Zakat on silver and gold

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