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Zakaat – Conditions for Correct payment of Zakah

Conditions for Correct payment of Zakat:-

Note:- Sound conditions to whom the zakaat is payable. Zakat correct payment

1. A muslim (not an unbeliever)

2. Sane (not insane)

3. Major (not a minor)

year(1) : According to the lunar month.

due on it (2) : Even though it is acquired a day before the end of the year.

4) Intention:- Zakat correct payment

Intention(1) is necessary for payment of zakat. Intention is made at the time of separating the zakat from the entire wealth. An intention made after payment of zakaat to the poor which is still in the hands of the poor person will also be valid. And if that amount is spent by the poor the intention will become invalid. (zakat is to be paid again). If a person with vague intention to pay zakah but not separated any portion of wealth with full determination to be paid as zakat but in a random way,from time to time, paid something during the whole year the zakaat is not treated as paid(2). In payment of zakat to the poor it is not necessary to declare it as zakah only intention of zakat is enough. To the extent if something is paid(3) by way of gift or loan with an intention of paying zakat the responsibility of payment of zakat will be correct. Giving zakah openly and publicly will be preferable(4).

5) The person to whom the zakat is paid is to be made full owner thereof. Any person who prepared the food and offered it to the beggars in his house by way of intention of zakaat will not be correct. However that food is given to the poor and authorize them to utilize it as they like and carry wherever they like. Then it will be correct.

6) The zakah is to be given to a person who is deserving (the details will follow).

Warning:- The details of valid payment of zakat is over. Now the wealth on which zakaat is payable and the quantum of zakah on each item is explained in seriatim.

Intention(1) : The limit of the intention is that if at the time of payment of zakat, it is questioned and without hesitation it is replied that the zakaat is being paid.

Paid(2) : His declaration that whatever he used to pay during the year there was intention of  payment of zakah is not valid.

If something is paid(3) : Paid in the shape of gift of Eid prize with the intention of zakat it will count as zakaat.

Preferable(4) : The alms of charity paid voluntarily is preferential to be paid in a hidden manner.

Appeal: zakat correct payment

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