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Zakah | Zakat On Sayeema – Camels, Cows, Goats – Zakat

Zakat on Sayeema (herds and flocks) :

1) Saeima is understood to imply camels, oxen, goat and other animals which subsist for the greater part of the year upon pastures and which are kept for milk, breeding or fatness. If they live half the year in pasture grounds and fed for the other half upon grass (with cost or without cost) provided by commissioning they do not fall under the description of sayeema and no zakaat will be due (However (on other than sayeema animals) zakaat will be due on business that means according to the price zakah will be paid.) on them.

2) Out of the Saeima zakah is due on the following three animals.

1) Camels  2.Cows (Buffalo comes under the category of cows) 3.Goats


Apart from the above zakat is not due on other animals however if the other animals are meant for trade zakaat will be due on them.

3) The animals which are sayeema and during the year an intention is made to put them for trade, zakah will not be due this year on them but from the date the intention is made then the year of trade will start.

4) Zakat on Camels: The nisab of camels for zakaat is five camels that means zakah is due on five camels. No zakat is due on fewer than five camels and upon five camels the zakah is one goat. The rate of it is as under.

One goat (Whether male or female but it should of full one year upon whom the second year is begun) is due upon five camels. Two goats are due upon ten camels.
Three goats are due upon fifteen camels. Four goats are due upon twenty camels.
Upon twenty five camel s a yearling(One yearling means one complete year old upon which the second year is started. Similarly two Yearlings means complete two years old upon whom the third year is started (according to an analogy) And when the number of camels reaches one hundred and twenty one new account of zakaat will start) camel’s colt. Upon thirty six camels a camel’s colt of two years.
Upon forty six camels a four years old female. Upon sixty one camels a five years old female camel.
Upon seventy two camels two camel colts of two year. Upon ninety two camels three two years camel’s colt.

(Warning) :

1) On the number between two nisab (From 6 To 9 and 11 To 14 etc.) zakaat is waived.(Up To nine camels only one goat will be obligatory and up to fourteen camels two goats (on an analogy).)

2) Female camels only lawful in zakah. Males are held to be lawful only when equal to their value

Of The Zakat Of Cows :

The nisab of cows is thirty that means zakat is due on thirty cows. Zakaat is not due on less than thirty cows.

The rules of zakah are as follows:-

Among thirty cows one year (One yearling means complete one year old upon which the second year is begun) old calf (Whether a female calf.) male or female.

Among forty cows a calf of two years.

Among sixty cows one yearly old two calves.

When the number exceeds sixty the zakaat is to be calculated on every

Thirty and every forty is to be taken into account. On every thirty one year

Old calf and on every forty two year old calf is obligatory (For example upon 70 cows one year old calf and one two years old calf will be obligatory because there is one nisab of thirty and another nisab of forty and .On 80 cows two year old two calves or obligatory because there are two nisab of forty (on an analogy)).

(Warning) : zakat on camels cows goats sheeps

1) The number between two nisab (for example thirty one to thirty nine and forty one(According to the proposition of Imam – e –  Azam exceeding 40 up to 59 the zakaat will be paid according to this formula for example if it exceeds by one 1/40th(based on the price)and if exceeds by two 1/20th or two 1/40th parts(on this analogy). But according to other Muslim jurists after (40 up to 59) no zakah) to fifty nine etc.) is waived.

2) Buffalo is also in the order of cows (if a person possesses cows, buffaloes both and to work out the nisab both are counted together)

3) For the zakah of cows and buffaloes one has the discretion to give male or female.

Of The Zakaat Of Goats :

The nisab of zakah on goats is 40. One goat is due upon 40 goats (Complete one year means the next year is begun on that) no zakaat is due upon fewer than 40 goats. Upon 121 goats two goats, upon 201 goats three goats and upon 400 goats four goats, after 400 hundred one goat on every 100 goats is obligatory.

(Warning) : zakat on camels cows goats sheeps

1) On the number between two nisab no zakaat.

2) Sheep, ram, he goat are included (If the nisab is not complete by one it can be completed by joining the other and it can be given in zakat provided they are not less than one year in age) in goats.

3) Male and female (It is a condition that it should not be less than one year) are equally acceptable in the zakah of goats.

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Being a Muslim it is must to spread saying (Ahadith) of Prophet (PBUH) to each and every one for which one will be rewarded both in this world and life hereafter.


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