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What is zakat al fitr | Sadaqa e Fitr – Zakat fitrah calculator

What is Zakat fitrah | Zakat al fitrah calculator :

Zakat fitrah is a religious tax | alms, paid on the day when Muslims break the fasting period at the month end of Ramadan.

Zakat fitrah calculator for a person is given on a weight of three kilograms (one sa’a) on any food commodity like wheat, barley, rice, millet.  It will be better to give the price thereof. Similarly giving the price of barley and the dates is also preferential.

Q) Can we give cash value of any commodity mentioned above?
A. Yes, cash value in lieu of any foodstuff mentioned can be given as Fitrah. Thus, if a kilo of rice costs $2.00, the cash value of Fitrah on rice per person would be $6.00. We recommend, Fitrah on basmati rice to be Canadian Dollars 7.00 for residents of Canada and US Dollars 6.00 for US residents. (Please check prices for other items in your areas.)

Propitiatory offerings zakat al fitr (Sadaqa Fitr):

The propitiatory offerings (zakat al fitr) are obligatory. To make it obligatory there are three conditions:-

1. Free person

2. A Muslim

3. In possession of estate or effects which are more than the real need and free from any debt.Zakat al fitrah calculator

Some Most Important Rules (Zakat al fitrah calculator)

(i) Zakat al fitr should not be sent outside the town one resides in, if there are deserving Momineen in that town.
(ii) Zakat Fitrah from a non-Syed cannot be given to a needy Syed ; the reverse is permissible.
(iii) A needy should be given at least one Zakat Fitrah.
(iv) Amongst the needy, relatives should be preferred over others when giving Fitrah, next in line are neighbors and then the learned.

Warning: – (1) Zakat al fitr not necessary that the estate or effects or flourishing or the span of one year is to be passed on it. It is not necessary to be good sub trade. There is not condition that the possessor is a major and sane. This offering is obligatory on the children and in sane persons, to be paid by their guardians.

(2) The conditions for validity of propitiatory offerings or same as of zakat.

(3) Zakat al fitr offerings will become obligatory as soon as the day of Eid-ul-Fitr dawns (1).

(4) This offerings is during the entire life and the desirable time is before going to Eidgah. It is desirable to distribute these offerings before going for Eid namaz. Distribution even after the namaz will also be lawful. It will remain due until it is paid and how long it is delayed it cannot be avoided.

(5) It is not a pre condition (2) to keep fast for payment of this offering.

(6) Payment of propitiatory offerings of self and on behalf the minor children is obligatory. If there is property won by the minors it is to be paid from out of that property.

 1. Hence for the child who is born prior to the day dawned this offering is obligatory to be paid and the person who died prior to the day dawned this offerings will not be paid from his estate2. Whether kept fast or due to any excuse not kept fast in all circumstances every person holding the nisab this offering s will be obligatory on him.

(7) It is not obligatory to pay the offerings for the major children (even though they are under the protection of the father) if they are insane it is obligatory to pay for them.

(8) It is not obligatory for the mother to pay this offering for her minor children

(9) It is not obligatory on the husband to pay offerings for his wife (the wife has to pay offerings from her won estate).

(10) The quantity of offerings for every individual is half Sa’a in case of wheat (1) if it is barely (2) or dates or raisins.

 (Warnings): (1) it is preferential to give flour, or give than to give wheat or barley. It will be better to give the price thereof. Similarly giving the price of barley and the dates is also preferential.(2) In the ahadith there is a mention of these four things. If anyone wants to give the other material (rice, jawar, etc.) can give it based on the price of the above mentioned commodities. E.g. The material given is equal to the price of half sa’a wheat or one sa’a barley etc. If paid in cash it will be equal to the price (3) of those commodities.(3) One sa’a (4) (inclusive of fractions) (5) is equal to two sair, quarter and half and half sa’a is equal to one sair and three chatak. Half sa’a is equal to one and one fourth Kg. (Fatwa, Nizamia University Hyderabad – Telangana State, India).

(11) The offerings of one person can be given to one beggar as it is better and if it is paid to various beggars will also be lawful. Similarly the offerings of many people can be given to one person who is also lawful.

(12) Zakat fitrah propitiatory offerings should be given to those to whom zakat can be paid. To whom zakat cannot be paid this offerings also cannot be paid.

1. Flour or sattu (parched barley meal).2. Its flour or sattu.3. If one is capable the price of the costly thing is to be given.4. Here sa’a means the sa’a of iraq which is authentic to the hanafi sect islam and that is equal to 2 kilo 211 grams and 48 milligrams in weight. Half sa’a is equal to 1 kilo, 105 gr. and 74 milligrams in weight. Therefore as precaution one and one fourth kg is better to be given.

5. That means 5 mashas.

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