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How to Prepare | Recipe of Strawberry Delicious Fruit Jam

Action steps Recipe Strawberry Jam

Recipe Strawberry Jam, Strawberries delicious fruit and useful are picked in the spring, which is rich in skin health beneficial vitamins which contain the amount of antioxidants that protect the body from cancers, diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels, using strawberries in the preparation of many desserts and used to decorate Alkikat ice cream, as can be saved manufactures delicious strawberry jam, which is a simple way and compete with the taste of canned strawberry jam.

Preparation time: three hours.

Cooking time: an hour.

Ingredients:Recipe of Strawberry Jam

– A kilo of strawberries.

– Half a kilo of sugar.

– Two tablespoons of brown sugar.

– Promises wooden cinnamon.

– Few oranges.

– Half a lemon juice. Ingredients

METHODS: Recipe Strawberry Jam

– Strawberries washed and still green leaves, and cut pieces medium size.

Recipe of Strawberry Jam

– Strawberries are placed in a deep saucepan and add the sugar and leave for several hours until we get the strawberry juice.

Recipe of Strawberry Jam

– Add lemon juice, and oranges, cinnamon stick and then raise the amount over medium heat until boiling, stirring.

Recipe of Strawberry Jam

– Strawberry leaves on the fire until condense and up to half the size of quantity, while continuing stirring until strawberries do not stick to the pot.

Recipe of Strawberry Jam

– Jam lifted away from the fire and leave to cool, then packaged in sterile jars, dry and covered and kept in the fridge.

Recipe of Strawberry Jam

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