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How to Prepare | Recipe | Made | Make Tart Chocolate Delicious

Recipe Prepare Made Make Tart Chocolate Delicious 

Tart desserts delicious favorite for all of us always and we request of shops grand desserts, although it is one of the meals of fatty, but it is characterized by scrumptious taste varies depending on the fillings because it can be prepared in different ways and many fillings between fruit or jam or chocolate is most always apply in sweets for adults and children , prepare chocolate tart does not need to professionalism in the preparation also believes many women are not only precise amounts, where today we offer a quick easy way with the raw materials available in every home need not cost prohibitive, making it unique ornaments dish can be served at the reception guests.

Preparation time: an hour.

Cooking time: half an hour.

Number of persons: 8


– 200 grams of tart dough ready.

– Half a kilo of chocolate.

– 300 million decent pulsate.

– Two eggs.

– Large glass of milk (200 ml).

– Yolks and one egg.

– Fourth teaspoon salt.

METHODS: (Recipe Prepare Made Make Tart Chocolate Delicious)

– Start heating the oven at a temperature of 180 ° C before preparing tart.

– The uniqueness of tart dough ready in a dedicated flat tray, with edges Bajeenh work for the widening to add padding.

recipe Prepare Made Make Tart Chocolate Delicious

– We are pressing the dough and remove polyps, then the holes with a fork so as not to swell the dough during baking.

recipe Prepare Made Make Tart Chocolate Delicious

– Dough covered with foil (Aluminium Foil) and placed onto a bit of dry beans such as grains or beans until the dough does not rise during baking, and leave in the oven 20 minutes to gain golden in color from the bottom.

recipe Prepare Made Make Tart Chocolate Delicious

– Tray tart out of the oven and still pulses and paper foil and returned to the oven for five minutes.

– We prepare melt chocolate in a water bath over low heat, stirring.

recipe Prepare Made Make Tart Chocolate Delicious

– Milk and cream is heated in a pot over medium heat does not reach the boiling point.

recipe Prepare Made Make Tart Chocolate Delicious

– Beat the eggs and egg yolk with salt, then gradually add the chocolate mixture, stirring the fire.

– Pouring chocolate, milk and eggs baked tart dough mixture and enters the furnace was once again even freeze padding components for five minutes.

recipe Prepare Made Make Tart Chocolate Delicious

– Graduated after tart tray and leave in the refrigerator for three hours and then served cold with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a little cream. This is the way of Procedure and how what is the Recipe Prepare Made Make Tart Chocolate Delicious way.

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