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Best Recipe of Oatmeal Cake Contains a large amount of Fiber

 Recipe oatmeal cake, Keck Alban method of quick and easy to prepare nutritious snack or dish fast ornaments, what if our work to increase the nutritional value of a dish using healthy oats, known magnificent its benefits to the body, where oats contain a large amount of beneficial fiber in the process of digestion where they help the intestine to expel the fat out of the body, in addition to fit on a large proportion of Tonic protein, and oat it works to regulate blood sugar as well as thermal low, a lot of antioxidants and good for the heart oxidation, which increases the body’s immunity and resistance to disease, so prepare pancakes oat dish a wonderful choice breakfast for adults and children .

Preparation time: ten minutes. (Recipe oatmeal cake)

Cooking time: a quarter of an hour.

Number of persons: 5


– ½ cup of oatmeal.

– Teaspoon ground cinnamon.

– Teaspoon baking powder.

– Quarter teaspoon of salt.

– A glass of liquid milk.

– Two eggs.

– Two tablespoons of sugar.

– Tablespoon and a half butter or oil.

Chocolate Sauce:

– Only a quarter cup of brown sugar.

– ¼ cup cocoa.

– Only a quarter cup of water.

– Teaspoon vanilla.


– Milled oats in electric grinder until it turns soft powder.

– Oatmeal is added to the dry ingredients cinnamon, baking powder and salt.Recipe oatmeal cake

– Mix liquid milk and egg ingredients and fail well, then add sugar and stir until completely dissolved.

Recipe oatmeal cake

– Add the dry ingredients to the egg and milk and stir until the bat electrical components converge and we get a liquid paste.

Recipe oatmeal cake

– Tefal frying pan heat up and pour a tablespoon of milk cake, and bake on medium heat for gaining a golden color on both sides.

Recipe oatmeal cake

– Stacked units cake served with milk and honey or chocolate sauce.

Recipe oatmeal cake

– Chocolate sauce attends mixing all the ingredients over low heat for ten minutes to condense.

– Lifts away from the fire to cool and then served with milk cake, and kept the remaining quantity Bal brad until needed.

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