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How Easy Recipe to Prepare or Make Artichoke Cooking

Artichoke cooking oil way

Easy Recipe Prepare Make Artichoke or artichoke, more vegetables rich benefits value low health-calorie, also has the lowest proportion of carbohydrates in a meal, making it suitable for recipes Dieting food and diets, the artichoke is rich in a large amount of iron processor for anemia and anemia, which is an important source of vitamin CNN Tonic for body immunity and resistance to disease, also known as the artichoke Bastamalath therapeutic for liver disease and denies toxins, as well as many important vitamins, enters the artichoke in the preparation Aladedmn meals and main dishes and soups as defined Btamh delicious, a fresh or frozen is available and, of course, always prefer to eat everything It is fresh, but it may be difficult for many of the ladies cleaning and processing artichokes before cooking, which will learn easy steps illustrated then we prepare and is delicious and rich in vitamins easy dish.

Preparation time: an hour.

Cooking time: a quarter of an hour.

Number of persons: 2


– 450 grams of sliced artichokes.

– Half a cup of chopped parsley or thyme, or your favorite herbs.

– Two tablespoons of olive oil.

– 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped.

– A quarter cup of water.

– Tablespoon of lemon juice.

– Red pepper or black pepper.

– Salt, to taste .

– One liter of water with a cup of lemon juice.

Methods:Easy Recipe Prepare Make Artichoke

– Start processing and cleaning artichoke and then cut off the trunk of the fruit and the retention of about 3-4 cm of the tibia.

– Cut the artichoke leaves with a knife or scissors from the top.

Easy Recipe Prepare Make Artichoke

– We pulled artichoke leaves away from the fruit.

Tightening securities

– Then work on peeling the edges of the artichoke with a knife.

Easy Recipe Prepare Make Artichoke

– Use a small spoon to extract the bristles (core) Internal artichoke.

Easy Recipe Prepare Make Artichoke

– Units artichoke placed infringement peeled one after the other in the genitive lemon juice water until the color does not change, and we put it on the fire to boil for five minutes.

Easy Recipe Prepare Make Artichoke

– Drain artichokes and cooled with water, then cut the medium fish fillets.

Easy Recipe Prepare Make Artichoke

– The oil is heated in a pot on the fire, add the garlic and stir quickly, add the artichoke After that, stir and season with salt and black pepper or red as desired, and simmer for ten minutes, then add the lemon juice and lifted away from the fire to add thyme or chopped parsley, stirring and offers hot.

This is Easy Recipe Prepare Make Artichoke with oil

Easy Recipe Prepare Make Artichoke

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