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How to Prepare The Best Fruit Tart Recipe & its Procedure

 Fruit Tart Recipe Make Procedure, Tart desserts favorite Light attending many ways fillings as desired, providing fillings jam, chocolate, Basseterre, fruits problem, which is based constitute essential to the tart base attending one way and moves easily and then baked to be filled with the filling preferred, which contain sugars and vitamins making it a source of energy for adults and children, and where we are always looking for useful, so we will prepare the tart filling and then set the problem of fruits which we picked them bananas, strawberries, kiwi, a rich collection of vitamin C, calcium, iron.

Preparation time: an hour.

Cooking time: half an hour.

Number of persons: 8


– ½ cup of flour.

– A quarter cup of sugar.

– Half a cup of butter.

– an egg .

– Teaspoon vanilla.

– Fourth teaspoon salt.


– Cup of cooked custard.

– A quarter cup of cream.

– A decent cup of whipping.

– Sugar.


Fruit group problem (bananas, strawberries, and kiwi).

METHODS: (Fruit Tart Recipe Make Procedure)

– Start preparing the dough tart and then mixing the flour, butter, sugar, egg, salt and vanilla in electric Ajanh.

fruit tart recipe make procedure

– Continue kneading until we get soft dough soft, then put them in the fridge for the cohesion of a little while to prepare fillers.

fruit tart recipe make procedure

– Graduated dough tart from fridge and uniqueness in a mold, and then we work holes using a fork so as not to rise and swell the dough during baking, and then put them in a pre-heated oven at a temperature of 180 ° C for quarter of an hour to mature and acquire the bottom Luna golden, then set aside until cool.

fruit tart recipe make procedure

– Padding attend cooking custard, then add the cream, whisking dignified, then pour into the tart.

fruit tart recipe make procedure

– We lepers fruit tart slices beautifully, as in the image to completely cover the padding, then we Boil one tablespoon of fruit with a little water on the fire until relent to use it to polish the fruit, tart and then placed in the refrigerator to cool down and then consolidating offers. Fruit Tart Recipe Make Procedure Decorate Tart.

fruit tart recipe make procedure

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