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Rules Regarding Slaying Of Animals (Zibah ke Masail)

Zibah ke Masail Rules Regarding Slaying Of Animals

Rules Regarding Slaying Of Animals (Zibah Ke Masael)

1. According to shariah cutting of the veins of the throat of any animal is called ‘Zabiha (By slaying the animal the blood is quick and easily fused out after which the flesh of slaughtered animal becomes clean and eatable).

2. In slaying cutting of these four veins (The veins should be got cut from below the cartilaginous bone) is necessary.

(I)Wind pipe (Narkhara) (ii) Food pipe (iii & IV) Two carotid arteries (Shah Rug) the main vessels which supply blood to the brain

Warning: – If three of the four veins (wind pipe, food pipe one carotid artery) are cut the slaying will become lawful (Halal, Permissible)

3. The Conditions for Slaying:-

1. The slaughterer (One who slains the animals) must be a Muslim (or man of books) (The Jews and Christians).

2. The Slaughterer is sane.

3. The Slaughterer is in full senses.

4. Reciting the name of Allah at the time of Slaughter (4) Bismillahi Allahu Akbar

5. In the name of Allah no other name is included

6. Slaughtering it immediacy after reciting Bismillahi Allah Akbar.

7. At the time of slaughter the animal has life.

Warning: – If any one of the conditions are not fulfilled or goes contrary (Using the name of Allah with a pious purpose of slaying the animal and obeisance to Him should be the aim and it is not that the name is uttered as a routine in a way when some work is started) then the zabiha will not be lawful (it will become carrion).

4. The slaughterer need not be a male and a major where as a minor, or women or an uncircumcised, a dumb, an unclean person can slaughter. The slaughter by all of these persons is lawful. Provided all of them are Muslims, sane and conscious persons and slaying the animal by reciting Bismillahi Allahu Akbar.

5. The traditional way (Sunnah) of Holy Prophet before the slaughter is as follows.

 (i) The knife is made sharp before slaying.

 (ii) Make the animal to drink water.

(iii) At the time of slaying the head of the animal is kept towards qibla and the legs towards south.

(iv) The slaughterer is ceremoniously clean.

(v) The slaughterer’s face is towards qibla.

(vi) Slay with right hand.

 (vii) While slaying the knife is moved quickly and sharply.

 (viii) In Bismillah the vowel sound of below the alphabet ‘Ha’ is to be stressed,

 (ix) To lay the animal gently on the left side ribs.

 (x) Tie the legs of a big animal (the right leg is kept loose).

6. The method of slaying is that the animal is made to drink water and laid on the left flank (in the way that the head is towards south and face is towards qibla) and held in hands in the same order taking the knife in right hand while reciting Bismillahi Allahu Akbar and move it under the cricoids cartilage in such a way all the four veins are cut but the head is not separated (after slaying the animal it is left loose).

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