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Undesirable Things In Slaying The Animal Info – 1

 Undesirable Things In Slaying The Animal

i. Sharpening the knife before the animal after the animal is laid on the ground.

ii. The knife is so blunt that the person slaying has to apply force.

 iii. Cutting the animal from the neck side.

iv.Reciting Bismillahi Wallahu Akbar that means utter ‘Bismilla Hi’ followed by Wa.

V. Cutting the animal to the extent that separates the head from the body or the knife reaches the middle of the throat bone.

Vi. Remove the skin or separating the head before the body is cooled down.

vii. Dragging the animal up to the place of slaughter by its legs.

viii. Slaying one animal before another.

1. Slaying during night.

2. Slaying the animal which is about to lay its kids.

3. Slaying the animal against the tradition of the Holy Prophet.

Slaughtering with a kitchen knife, sword, sharp stone, sharp strip of bamboo (etc.) and any sharp implement (which cuts the veins and the blood comes out, is correct and permissible. Whereas slaying with nails and teeth forming part of one’s body is not correct.

If the person slaying forgets the tasmia(To utter Bismillahi Allahu Akbar) at the time of slaying the animal, it makes no harm (The slaying is lawful) But if it is avoided intentionally the slaying will not be correct.

If after uttering Tasmiah some gap is given such as the knife in the hand is changed with another or the knife is sharpened on a stone, one or two times, there is no harm. If the gap is longer it is necessary to utter Tasmiah again (otherwise the slaughter will not be lawful).

If at the time of slaying the animals the animal restlessly cries and becomes uncontrollable and the person slaying cannot keep the hold on this animal there is no harm. Person slaying should keep himself engaged in slaying and get it completed. But if he takes off his hands intentionally and delays the slaying it is not correct.

If an animal is about to be slain and there is no sign (There is doubt about its life and death) of life but after slaughter the blood oozes out or there is struggle like living animal the slaughter will be correct. (The slaughter is lawful and its use is right). Because these things are the symptoms of life. If none of these symptoms are found (no fusion of blood or no struggle) then the animal is carrion and its use is incorrect.

Warning: – Closing of mouth or eyes is the symptom of life and keeping them open is the symptom of death. Similarly pulling of legs is life and stretching them is the symbol of death (It is important when there is no surety of the animal being alive and if there is surety of life the slaughter will be lawful irrespective of the fact that there are movements in the animal or not & the blood fuses out or not).

When one animal is slaughtered by uttering Bismillahi Allahu Akbar it will not be correct to slaughter the other animal with the same tasmiah. Whereas for each animal utter Bismillahi Allahu Akbar seperately as it is compulsory. However if five or ten birds are gathered in the hand or in the hands of others or the throat of one goat is attached with the other goat and a sharp implement is moved on the throats of all of them by uttering only one tasmiah will be correct and valid.

If after slaughtering, the animal screams or stands up or runs or turns back or crawls, in all such cases the slaughter is lawful, provided the slaughter is perfect one.

If the slaughterer due to any reason includes another person in the process of slaughter in such a way that he keeps the hand of other man with his hand on the knife and slaughters the animal it will be right and valid when the other person fulfills the conditions required for slaughtering (as already explained) otherwise the slaughter will not be valid. Continue>>

Content taken from ahle khidmat sharayia

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