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Undesirable Things In Slaying The Animal Info – 2

Undesirable Things In Slaying The Animal

If after slaughtering a cow, goat etc., a living kid comes out from the embryo it is also compulsory to be slaughtered (because the slaughtering of the mother is not enough for its kid) and if the kid is found dead or its parts of body are not formed in both the cases its use is not permitted.

In shariat there is no special intention (Niyyat) prescribed for slaughtering the animal whereas any animal is ordered to be slaughtered while uttering Bismillahi Allahu Akbar. Hence there is no seperate niyyat for cow, goat, fowl etc., (some illiterate villagers have the tradition to make special intention by chanting some Arabic words for different animals and then slaughter) If any person has adopted such intention there is no harm but it should not be made compulsory. However it should be kept in mind that with the uttering of Bismillahi Allahu Akbar the knife moves.

A person unaware of the slaughter and uses the knife on which Bismillahi Allahu Akbar is blown over by his forefathers (a knife on which Bismillahi Allahu Akbar is uttered and blown). With this knife if any animal is slaughtered without reciting Bismillahi Allahu Akbar the slaughter will be void (the animal is a carrion and its use is prohibited.

Slaughtering of animal in front of ‘Alam’, (banner) and ‘chilla’ (seclusion place for mystic communion) or at the time of constructing a new house or laying the foundation or digging a well, tank or bridge or in a temple or before an idol or under the flag of Dassera or in front thereof is strictly prohibited.

(i) If any permitted animal has fallen in a well or a pit or becomes wild or any emergency arises wherein the prescribed method of slaughtering the animal is not psssible in such cases emergency slaughter is ordered i.e. while uttering Bismillahi Allahu Akbar the animal is wounded by an arrow of by a spear. The wound thus inflicted on any part of the body the slaughter is valid provided no life is found in it after it is removed and if life is found in it it will be slaughtered. If it sruvives for some time and dies without slaughter its use is not permitted.

(ii). If any permitted animal is hunted with sharf weapon (arrow etc.) or it is hunted through any trained animal its use is valid and correct without

slaughter. But the condition is that the sharp weapon, spear, etc. or a trained animal is released after uttering Bismillah Allahu Akbar. If the hunter at the time of hunting has intentionally avoided utterance of Bismillahi Allahu Akbar or any other animal which is not trained joins the trained animal or the trained animal takes a long time in hunting the prey and eats for himself, somthing out of it, or the sharp implement does not cause any wound from its edge in all such cases the slaughter is not lawful.

Warning:-The bullet injury or the wound by a club is excluded from it and such animal will not be permitted without slaughter (eventhough the gun or the club is moved after uttering Bismillahi Allahu Akbar).

A camel is first struck with spear below the neck near the breast and then slaughtered. It is called ‘Nahar’ and it is the traditional way. Even without ‘Nahar’ slaughter is valid. But it is abhorrent(To inflict wound on the upper part of the chest (Nahar) to slaughter a camel though it is abominable for other animals).

Eating of the following parts of a lawful slaughtered animal is prohibited. Flowing blood, gall blader, glance, blader, testicles, penis, uteres, flowing blood is prohibited (Haram) and the other items are abhorrent to the point of forbidden Statement showing the permitted and prohibited animals.

1.The animals which are shown as prohibited in the Holy Quran and by tradition, such as swine, pet donkey are undoubtedly prohihited.

2.The animals in which there is no blood at all such as flies, mosquitos, spiders, cocroach, scorpion, glow warm, white ants, etc. are all prohibited (Haram), but locusts are permitted without slaughter (zibha).

3.The animal which contains blood but it does not flow such as snakes, lizard, house lizard, forest lizard etc. are prohibited.

4.The animals which are called insects which live under the earth such as rat, muskrat, bandicoot, mangoose, etc. are all prohibited.

5.The animals which are born in water and live therein such as frog, crab, aligator, tortoise etc. all are prohibited but the fish, even dead is permitted However fish which is turned turtle on the water automatically without effecting any injury which is called ‘tafee is prohibitd. ‘Bam fish’ and ‘black fish’ are also permitted. Prawns are disputed, those who call it fish it is permitted for them and those who do not declare it as fish for them it is disapproved to the point of being forbidden.

Content taken from ahle khidmat sharayia

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