Quran: And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together & do not become divided.(3/103) O you who have believed, fear Allah. & let every soul look to what it has put forth for tomorrow - & fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.(59/18) He decreed for you the same religion decreed for Noah, & what we inspired to you, & what we decreed for Abraham, Moses, & Jesus: "You shall uphold this one religion, & do not divide it."(42:13). The idol worshipers will greatly resent what you invite them to do. GOD redeems to Himself whomever He wills; He guides to Himself only those who totally submit.(42:14) Hadith: Make (Execute) For Allah, As Allah is watching you. Ummah Unity

Muhammed (Swas) In the Eyes of Swami Vivekanda

Muhammed (Swas) In the Eyes of Swami Vivekanda

Taught Love and Equality

Muhammed (Swas) In the Eyes of Swami Vivekanda-Optimized

“The Hindus may get the credit of arriving at it earlier than other races, they being an older race than either the Hebrew or the Arab; yet practical Adventism, which looks upon and behaves to all mankind as one’s own soul, was never developed among the Hindus university. On the other hand, my experience is that if ever any religion approached to this equality in an appreciable manner, it is Islam alone. Therefore, I am firmly persuaded that without the help of practical Islam, theories of Vendantism, however fine and wonderful they may be, are entirely valueless to the vast mass of mankind.

“(Islam) came as a message for the masses. The first message was equality. There is one religion – love. No more question of race, color, (or) anything else. Join it. That practical quality carried the day. The great message was perfectly simple. Believe in one God, the creator of heaven and earth. All was created out of nothing by Him. Ask no question”.

Swami Vivekanda

Famous Philosopher and Preacher of Modern India, Founder of Ramakrishna Mission and Ramakrishna math. Complete works of Swami Vivekanda.

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Source: Tell me about the last Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) compiled by Hadhrat Allama Moulana Ghulam Nabi Shah

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The Prophet Muhammad (Sawa) in the eyes of Swami Vivekanda

Appeal: Humble Request

Being a Muslim it is must to spread saying (Ahadith) of Prophet (PBUH) to each and every one for which one will be rewarded both in this world and life hereafter.

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