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Brief Biography (Seerat Un Nabi) of the Holy Prophet (Pbuh)

Brief Biography of the Holy Prophet (Seerat Un Nabi)

(It is incumbent on every Muslim to know it therefore brief features are explained here) (that means virtuous & auspicious life sketch of Rasool-e-kareem saws)

1 His Spirit was created at first & appeared in the last.

2 He was born on Monday 12th Rabiul Awwal (Fifty Three (53) years before the invent of Hijra calendar) in Makkah at dawn some fifteen hundred years back (According to the famous version).

3 He hails from Quresh Family & descendant of the prophet Hazrat Ismail (A.S.)

4 The names of his immediate ancestors up to four generations are as follows:-(they are popularly known as ‘char kursi’ (Four Seats). Muhammad (SAWS) son of Abdullah Bin Abdul Muttalib Bin Hasham Bin Abd Munaf.

5 The name of His holy mother is Bibi Aaminah D/o Wahab.

6 No one educated him except Allah (God) (The knowledge & wisdom that passed on to him through Hazrat Jibrail was in fact from the Almighty Allah (God)).

7 He was Granted Messenger ship by the Almighty Allah (God) when he was 40 years old (That means this is the first revelation).

8 From the date he was appointed as Messenger of Allah (God)  Hazrath Jibrail (A.S.) frequently used to come & deliver the Holy Quran now & then. The entire Quran was revealed on Him within a period of 23 years (During the period of the companions of the Holy Prophet it was gathered in the shape of book).

9 During the twelfth year (By popular version) of pophethood ‘Meraj’ (Ascension/ elevation) took place. During the night of Monday the 27th Rajab the Almighty Allah (God) caused him to reach, physically(By valid saying.) while awoke, rode on a Stallion (Buraaq). Baitul Maqdis upto seven skies & to the places selected (Paramount (Arsh) Seat (kursi) etc.). He visited the Heavens (Jannat) & the hell (Jahannam) in the same night & same time returned to Makkah. This is called Meraj.

10 After his appointment as messenger He propagated (Propagation of Islam among the human beings) Islam for thirteen years in Makkah. In accordance with the divine orders he migrated to Madina which is called ‘Hijrat’ (Migration).

11 He resided in Madina for 10 years & on 12th Rabiul Awal, (By popular narration) Monday reached the eternity. At that time He was 63 years.

12 His grave is in Madina which is visited by the Muslims of the universe.

13 To love him (The sign of loving him & to befriend him is to follow his traditions & to obey the orders given by him.) & to give him preference more than one’s own life, children & wealth is the core of the Beliefs & to recite Darood Shareef (There are many ‘Darood-e-Shareef’ one can recite whichever he likes. A brief ‘Darood Shareef is) on him is the perfection of faith in Islam.

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Brief Biography of the Holy Prophet (Seerat Un Nabi)

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