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Adhan – Azaan (Call for Prayer) Azan in Arabic Video Audio

What is the Definition of Azan (Adhan)

Azan is defined as to inform and to make alert. But according to the Shariyat it is a special method, with specific words, to make the people know and to invite them for obligatory prayers (Salaat). Hence it is called Azaan.

Note: – 1. so that all the muslims gather in the mosque to join the congregational prayers.

2. Person delivering ‘Azan’ is called muezzin

The Essence of Adhan Azaan :

Azan is brief but perfect one comprising of auspicious words in which the faith and practice are combined preached. Through these words belief and obligatory deeds are pursued in a decent and perfect manner. Firstly through the words Allahu the greatness and sovereignty of the Almighty-Allah (God) is proclaimed because he is the greatest of the great. In fact the purpose of announcement of these words is to declare unequivocally that Allah alone is entitled for worship (These words are announced loudly four times in azaan continuously in order to cause special effect on the believers which make them alert and divert their attention towards Namaaz  against worldly affairs. These words are more effective than magnetic and electric power). After it the oneness of Allah and His holy Messenger is witnessed. Through these words the faith of the believer becomes stronger. In addition it is news of bliss for the entire universe. After it the words Hayya ‘Alal and Hayya ‘Alas are announced loudly to call the people towards Salaah and virtuous deeds. These words mean to say come for Salaah and for virtuous deeds. The word Falaah also stands for success and triumph because after the Salaah is performed the result will be well being in this world and hereafter and it is achieved through prayers. Again once more the word

Allahu-Akbar is announced twice loudly to show the excellence and sovereignty of Allah. The word La Ilaha stands for ‘ there is no one to be worshiped’.

These words are used with an intention to alert the people towards dedication for prayers. They will also intend to guide people to always bear in mind that there is no one except Allah to make our destination and our eyes must always caste towards the Omnipotent and the Omnipresence.

Nearness to Allah is our goal. Our physical and spiritual activities are to seek pleasure of Allah only. Azan Starts with the word Allah and completes on the word Allah. The concept of Azan is now complete. This signifies that Allah is from eternity to eternity and the rest is mortal and will be destroyed. There is a teaching of firmness in belief and acting thereon. To achieve divine pleasure one should concentrate on prayers by relegating all the worldly affairs and to devote the rest of the life to seek eternal bliss.

Even though Azan is an invitation by which Muslims are called to perform Salaat yet there is a philosophy in it that after hearing the Adhan one refreshes his belief and makes it perfect then comes forward for Salaat. Belief is compulsory for good deeds in other words for virtues. It is only an introduction to Azaan whereas there are many secrets and blessings of Azan description of which in detail is beyond our capacity.

Importance of Adhan Azaan:

Azan is a very favorite feature in prayers and it is liked by Allah. There is open announcement of oneness of Allah and His Holy Messenger. The glory and victory of Islam is evidenced in it.

In a hadith-Sharif it is shown as a praiseworthy feature as the Holy Prophet has said that a person delivering Azaan will be admitted in Paradise immediately next to the prophets and martyrs. In another hadith-Sharif it is mentioned, ‘a person delivering Adhan will be confirmed a high place in the hereafter’. It is also evident from the hadith-Sharif (1) that the entire area covered by the sound of Azan will give testimony of the belief of the Muezzin. If the people come to know the value and significance of Azaan will arrange for draw amongest themselves and if their names do not appear they will quarrel for its deliverance. Further it is ordained that a person delivering Adhan continuously for seven years he will be saved from the fires of Hell and there is a good news for him of heavens. (It is because according to Hadith-Sharif and Quran he has not delivered Azan for (7) years but for (70) years in other words the whole life). Further at the time of Azaan the Satan is frightened and runs beyond the place the sound reaches. The place from where the Adhan is delivered blessings and mercy of Allah befalls thereon. This place is saved from misfortunes and evil effects.

Note:- 1: There is Hadith-Sharif that if a person makes an intention only to perform good deeds one virtue is noted in his record book whereas if he actually does it 10 virtues are recorded (it is only an extract of Hadith-Sharif).

(Warning):- Azan is required for Salaat and the Salaat without cleanliness is not correct. Therefore the subject relating to cleanliness i.e. ablution and bathing is explained below. The Rules regarding Azaan will also be explained.

The Words of Adhan Azaan:-

Adhan Azaan

There are fifteen (15) words of Azan But in the call for morning prayers (Fajar) after Hayya Alal Falah

the word Assalaatu Khairum Minan Naum (9) is also used. Accordingly there are seventeen words for ‘Fajar’ call.

Allahu Akbar: God is greatest (Sufi say twice) – Recital 4 Times

Ash-hadu al-laa ilaha illa llaah: I bear witness that there is no deity except God.  Recital 2 Times

Ash-hadu-anna Muħammadur-Rasulullah: I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God. Recital 2 Times

Hayya ‘alas-salaāh: Come to pray. Recital 2 Times

Hayya ‘alal-falaāh: Come to success. Recital 2 Times

Allāhu akbar: God is greatest. Recital 2 Times

Laā ilaāha illallaāh: There is no deity except for God. Recital 1 Time

The Condition for Correct Adhan Azaan:-

1. The call given for a particular prayer must be within the prescribed segment. It is not correct to give call (adhan) before time otherwise it will be repeated, (whether it is morning prayers or any other prayers).

2. The words of ‘adhan’ should be in ‘Arabic’ as approved by the Holy Prophet.

3. The call giver (muezzin) is a male.

4. The call giver must be a sane (1) (insane child and mentally deranged is not justified).

Note: 1. Maturity is not necessary. A sensible boy can deliver the azan. Hence the azan by an insensible is not correct

First Warning:-

1. At the time of delivering (1) ‘azaan’ one must be free from major impurity which is sunnat and minor impurity is also desirable.

2. At the time of iqamat one must be free from both impurities (2)

Second Warning:-

 The muezzin should possess these qualities, sane, loud voice, knowledge of the general principles of the religion (the direction of ‘qibla’ and timings of the prayers), accomplished with the knowledge of Hadith-Sharif, pious and religious minded. (Further he must have a commanding appearance so that he can reprimand those who miss the congregational prayers.)

Notes: 1. If a person delivered the call ‘azan’ is under ceremonial uncleanliness it is disapproved to the point of being forbidden. Such azan is desirable to be repeated.

2.If the iqamat is said when one is under ceremonial uncleanliness or legal uncleanliness it is also disapproved to the point of forbidden. But repetition of iqamat is not desirable.

The Approved Form of Adhan Azaan 

The approved form of ‘azan’ is that the call giver (muezzin) (making himself free from legal impurity and ceremonial impurity) from outside of the place of worship and from an elevated place facing the ‘kaaba’ stand straight and while keeping the index fingers of both hands in the ears. Tell ‘Allahu-Akbar (in a loud voice) four times in two spells. Affirmation of belief (shahadathain) four times.

First affirmation twice and second affirmation twice each with a small break then while turning the face towards right recite Hayya ‘Alas Salaah 2 times in 2 breaths and turning the face towards left Hayya ‘Alal Falaah (1) two times in two breaths. Then Allahu Akbar two times in one breath and La Ilaha Illal Llah in one breath. The call (azaan) will be complete. For the ‘Fajar’ call (Adhan) the words ‘AsSalaatu Khairum Minan Naum’ is recited twice after the words ‘Hayya ‘Alal Falah’ in two breaths without turning the face.

The words of ‘Adhan Azaan ‘ are recited separately and with small pauses. The first two words of Allah Akbar are recited giving time to an extent that the persons listening them can reply. Similarly after every sentence of ‘adhan’ a little pause is to be maintained.

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