Quran: And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together & do not become divided.(3/103) O you who have believed, fear Allah. & let every soul look to what it has put forth for tomorrow - & fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.(59/18) He decreed for you the same religion decreed for Noah, & what we inspired to you, & what we decreed for Abraham, Moses, & Jesus: "You shall uphold this one religion, & do not divide it."(42:13). The idol worshipers will greatly resent what you invite them to do. GOD redeems to Himself whomever He wills; He guides to Himself only those who totally submit.(42:14) Hadith: Make (Execute) For Allah, As Allah is watching you. Ummah Unity

Question: Holy Quran as A Gift for A Non-Muslim Friend

Holy Quran as A Gift for A Non-Muslim Friend

Holy Quran as A Gift for A Non-Muslim Friend Country: India, Name: Abdul Azeem FQ 17: My boss gifted the Holy Quran to a friend without his knowledge.  Can we do this? Answer: The Holy Quran is the last, eternal and blessed word of Allah Most High and it does not belong to any particular class, caste, section, etc, but ... Read More »

Using Used Water While Bathing | Method of Performing Ghusl

Method of performing Ghusl in Sunnah

Using Used Water While Bathing Country: India, Name: Muhammad Abul Hameed FQ 7: While bathing, droplets of water fall into the vessel. Is bathing with the water in which droplets have fallen correct? Answer: If a person who is in a state of ritual impurity has removed the Actual Filth from his/her body, then those drops of water which touch ... Read More »

Changing Clothes Before Bathing | Cutting nails on Tuesday

Cutting nails on Tuesday

Changing Clothes Before Bathing Country: Hyderabad, Name: Ali FQ 5:  If before bathing when unclean, we change our dirty clothes to clean ones, do they become unclean? Answer: If the dirt/filth on the body is cleaned so thoroughly that there is no trace of it, then the clothes worn before bathing does not become unclean.  The uncleanliness of the body ... Read More »

Can we sit and offer Salaat due to illness?

Cutting nails on Tuesday

Can we sit and offer Salaat due to illness? Country : Hyderabad, Name : Ali FQ 4: In illness, it is difficult for one to get up and stand, especially for old people.  They can’t stand and offer Salaat.  How should one offer Salaat in such a condition? Answer: If an ill person has the strength to stand, then it ... Read More »

Are children an epitome of Allah?

Cutting nails on Tuesday

Are children an epitome of Allah? Country : India, Name : Inayath FQ1) : Assalamalaikum wa Rahmatullah, Please answer my question.  People say that “Bache Khuda ka roop hote hai (Children are an epitome of Allah Ta’ala)?.  Is it correct?  If I am not wrong, I have heard that the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) is Mazhar-e-Zaate Ilaahi.  Please ... Read More »