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How to Pray Salat e Witr | Dua | Qunoot | Perform Namaz

How to Perform Witr ki Namaz

 Salat e witr Dua is also known as Dua e Qunoot

Dua e Qunoot in English & Arabic with English Translation

Dua Qunoot in english Arabic

How to Perform and Its Procedure Witr Prayer

 1. Witr Namaz is obligatory & the relinquished of it is a sinner (4), similar to a person relinquishing compulsory Salat.

2. The time for Witr Salat is after Esha.

3. There are 3 Raka’ats in Namaz Witr like Maghreb (5) but in all the three Sets (Raka’ats) after Surah-e-Fatiha recitation of other Surah is obligatory.

4. The method of saying Salat Witr is same (6) as the Fardh Salat. But there is little difference as in the third Raka’at of Witr Namaz after reciting Surah-e-Fatiha & other Surah one has to raise his hands up to ears in such a way as being done for Takbir e –

Notes: –4. There is a common order for Wajib & Fardh Namaz.5. with one salaam.

6. The Invocation (niyyat) for vitr is like Fardh Salat. However utter the words Salat ul Witr not Wajib ul Witr.

– Tahrima & then tie them up & recite Dua’ -e-Qunoot slowly After this go for genuflexion (Rukūʿ).

If a person does not know Dua’ e Qunoot he will recite:

(Rabbana Aatina Fiddunya Hasanataun Wa Fil Aakhirati Hasanataun Waqina Azabannaar). Or three times (Allahummaghfirlee) or three times (Yaa Rabbi)

In the first Raka’at of Witr, recitation of Surah ‘Aala’ In 2nd Raka’at ‘Surah-e-Kafiroon’ & in 3rd Raka’at ‘Surah-e-Ikhlaas is desirable.


Being a muslim it is must to spread saying (Ahadith) of Prophet (PBUH) to each and every one for which one will be rewarded both in this world and life hereafter.


  1. AS Salam alikum
    I have question about the Hanafi way witr we pray. Here in USA. other fiqh pray different( 2+1) and
    ( 3 without Tashahhud after 2 rakats) They calm to pray According to Sunnah. I have not able to find Sunnah the way we pray witr. ( My limited Knowledge) Please kindly let me know if there is Sunnah in any of the books of hadiths. I am not able to find in Sahih Bukhari or Muslim. ( Hadith and REf. Numbers Please)
    Thank you Very much
    LOVE… Husain

    • Walaikum as’salam. Brother, I would advise you to visit the website islam.qa with your queries as they give the rulings on such matters in light of the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafai and Humbli way, explaining each one in every answer and the dalail to support them. As for the method of praying witr, I am Hanafi and I have read from multiple authentic sources including ahadeeth from Muslim and the method of prayer of Ubayy bin Kaab (who Umar ibn Al Khattab instituted to lead the muslims in prayer during his Khilafat), you can pray either 3 rakahs or two+1, or 5 or 7 or 9. The method is different, if you recite tashahud in the second rakah, you have to pray tasleem and offer the third as a separate rakah (2+1). If you want to offer 3 altogether, do not pray tashahud or tasleem in the second one. Dua e Qunoot in the third rakah after praying Surah Ikhlaas. One more thing. The act of reciting niyah aloud before offering of prayer has no evidence to support it, so please be cautious about such acts that the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. himself did not perform.
      And Allah Knows best.

  2. I am praying for the one who created this site and as well for the one who wrote Dua-e-Qunoot,i didn’t have any book to learn it from, and i was so far from the city but i had internet then i learned it from here, hope the rewords from Allah for it, will be shared between us,
    Live long ………..
    May Allah make you successful.

  3. Maashallah. I had doubt for long period. Got it clarified. Thanks. Jazakallah.

    Besides, 3 rakkat wajib ul witr, I have been taught to perform 2 rakkat tasfiyul witr. Can you throw light on it, please.

    Shukran Jazeela.

  4. Kya aap mujhe bata sakte hain ki kaun si dua witr mein zaroor padhni chahiye

  5. i pray witr in isha so when i pray tagajjud so it compulsary to pray witr after tahajjud

    • Tahajjud Namaz is Not compulsory after witr, after Isha and Witr take some rest, Tahajjud Namaz best time is 1/4 part of night means 3 am – 4 am before Fajr time.

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