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How Should a Sick Person Perform Salah – Prayer For Healing

Prayer For Healing – Salah of The Sick

Namaz Prayer

1. If a person owing to any disease has no control on the body to perform certain postures of Salat. E.g. he may perform the postures according to his capacity, not able to stand or there is a fear of any trouble or aggravation of disease, standing is not compulsory for him, he can say Salah while sitting & do genuflexion & prostration by gestures, whether he sits according to the prescribed way or any other which is comfortable for him. If required take support, Stand to the extent possible & start the Salat (using a stick or wall or person for support) thereafter sit down. If he has the capacity to the extent of saying the Takbir e Tahreema, while standing, he should utter it while standing, then he can sit because the Salat will be void if he will not stand.

Notes:- 1. If it is not performed immediately then it cannot be performed out of the Salah & becomes a sinner.2. Delay is disapproved to the point of forbidden.

2. If one has no capacity to do the genuflexion & prostration or only prostrations he should say Namaz by sitting, even though he has capacity to stand, yet he has to perform genuflexion & prostration with gestures. Bend the head more for prostration than genuflexion(1).

3. If an ill person is not able to sit even, that means he cannot sit by himself or with any support, he should say the Salah by lying with gestures. The best way is laying flat on the back. The legs are towards Qibla & propped up. Keep the pillow etc. under the head so that the face turns towards Kaaba then make gestures by head for Rukūʿ & Sajdah. The gesture for prostration is to bend the head more than the genuflexion. If he can not lay flat he can lay either on the right or left shoulder, but the face should be towards kaaba.

4. If the diseased cannot even make gestures by his head the Salah is exempt for him. After recovery he has to make up the Salat & if this condition is continued for more than 5 Namaz the obligation of makeup Salaat will also not be there. The same order prevails for a person who is unconscious due to some ailment or shock (2). If it is due to intoxication etc. he is compulsory to make up (3) all the elapsed Salat.

5. If a person develops illness during Salah it is necessary for him to complete the remaining Salat by all means e.g. he was saying Namaz by standing & now he has no control to Standup he should say the Salat by sitting & becomes incapable to perform Rukūʿ & Sajdah he has to do Rukūʿ & Sajdah by gestures. & if he is incapacitated to sit he should say Salah by lying.

Notes: –1. But he should not keep any elevated thing for prostration.2. If any patient remains unconscious but periodically he gains conscious & if the lucid interval is determined, the makeup Salat is compulsory. If the time is not known then there will be no makeup Salat.3. like a sleeping person.

6. If a handicap person has become capable during the Salat & he was unable to Stand& performing the Rukūʿ & Sajdah by sitting & now he has been able to Stand he can perform the remaining Salah by standing & when he was incapable to perform even Rukūʿ & Sajdah & now he becomes capable he has to perform Namaz with Rukūʿ & Sajdah (1).

7. If a woman is laboring but she is in full senses she should say the Salat quickly & does not delay, lest she will be engaged in delivery & the Salah will be missed. If the birth of a child is apprehended while saying Salaat by standing which may cause harm to the child so she should say Namaz by sitting. Similarly if a part less than half of the body of the child has come out but the bleeding is not started even then it is not lawful to delay the Salat. The Salat is to be performed by sitting & by making a pit on the ground & the cotton is strewn in the pit & the head of the child is kept in it & if it is not possible say the Salat by gestures (2). (It shows the importance of the Salat).


Being a Muslim it is must to spread saying (Ahadith) of Prophet (PBUH) to each and every one for which one will be rewarded both in this world and life hereafter.

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