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what to do when farting in Namaz | Hadas in salat – Namaaz

Farting in Namaz – Salat mein Hadas

If farting takes place during Name (2) (It means the ablution is nullified) on certain conditions the Salat will not be void. Whereas it is lawful to treat it as a halting point if farting takes place in any posture (e.g. at the time of prostration).  If the dirt is leaked with farting the forming of the basis ‘Bina’ will not becorrect.

After fresh ablution the Salat can be continued with the same point i.e., prostration (Sajdah ). But for a lone person it is preferable to repeat the whole Namaz. If the Muqtadi or imaam  is effected by farting they have to perform the remaining Salat with Jama’at from that point only(1), provided the Jama’at is continued till they return after making fresh ablution, otherwise it is preferable for them to repeat it as fresh.

Base:-The following are the conditions for utilization of base (halting point) of incomplete Salat.

1. Farting should not be a cause for bathing (only a cause for ablution).

2. Farting is not voluntary (Whereas it is beyond control (2)).

3. Farting is not abnormal (3) (Whereas it is normal (4)).

4. After farting no posture is performed (5).

5. No posture is performed during movement (6).

6. No action is to be performed (7) which will be contrary to the Salat.

7. Uncalled for action is not to be performed (8) after Farting.

8. Not to delay more than one posture without any reason after Farting (9)

Notes: –1. So that no one will be deprived of the reward of the congregational prayers.2. A drop of urine or leakage of gases or flowing of blood from the wound etc.3. Unconsciousness’ & delirium etc.4. Gases, urine, stool etc.

5. If there is farting during the prostration intentionally rising of head for other postures.

6. While going for ablution & returning after ablution recitation of Quran. Because recitation of Quran is one of the postures of Salat.

7. Eating, drinking, talking, etc.

8. When water is available closely but going to a distant place intentionally.

9. One should go immediately for ablution. But due to some reason there was some delay there is no harm. E.g. there are many rows in the Jama’at & one finds himself in the 1st row thereby making it difficult to come out by disturbing the rows.

9. The previous farting is not remembered (1).

10. The Muqtadi not to perform the remaining Salat on other place except the original one (2) when the Jama’at is continued.

11. No unfit person is to be appointed as Khalifa by the Imaam.

12. The person saying the Salat regularly (Sahibe Tarteeb) does not remember his earlier make up Salat (qaza) .

Warning: – If any of the above conditions are not fulfilled the base (bina) will not be correct.

Rules regarding appointment of khalifa:-

1. If the Imaam has underwent farting (hadas) (even it is in the last sitting after tashahud) he should get aside & in the same posture make any one out of the Muqtadis to Standin his place (3), so that the remaining Salat is not completed & he himself go for ablution. (Such Muqtadi is called Khalifa).

2. Better the Imaam appoints a person who is capable enough, out of the followers (muqtadi), to lead the Namaz. Further, it is better to appoint mudrik as Khalifa (Even though Khalifa made from out of Masbooq (4) & Lahiq also lawful (5)).

Notes: –1. E.g. one had rubbed on the Bandage but at the time of ablution the wound is healed & the Bandage has fallen, or made dry ablution but after farting water was made available etc.2. When there is hurdle between the Imaam & Muqtadi (prohibiting the Iqtida) & if there is no hurdle or in making ablution Jama’at is over, then the Salat will be correct to be completed at the place of ablution.3. Either by age suture or by pulling towards ‘ Mehrab ‘.

4. The imaam  has to show to the Muqtadi etc, that so many Raka’ats are due e.g. if there is one Raka’at raise one finger & 2 Raka’ats 2 fingers for 3 Raka’ats 3 fingers, if the Rukūʿ is due put the hand on the knee. If the prostration is due on the forehead, if the recitation of Quran is due on the mouth. For Sajdah -e-Tilavat on forehead, & tongue. If Sajdah sahu is due on the chest.

Warning:-If the Khalifa has the knowledge there is no necessity to show by gesture.

5. It is better that no other person except mudrik is made a Khalifa, & it is also better for the Masbooq, etc. not to become Khalifa.

3. If the Imaam has not made Khalifa the muqtadis by themselves make Khalifa or any one of the Muqtadis come forward & stand at the place of Imaam & better to make intention for Imaamat. Provided the Imaam has not gone out of the mosque, if the Salat is being performed in forest etc. he has not crossed Sutra or rows (1).

4. If there is only one Muqtadi behind the Imaam & the Imaam has underwent farting & without making Khalifa to the Muqtadi he left the mosque, the Muqtadi without making intention of Imaamat will become Imaam provided he is capable of becoming the Imaam of the imaam .

5. If the Imaam has made Khalifa to any Masbooq he should complete the Raka’at etc., which were due on the Imaam & after completing them he should make a mudrik to stand in his place, so that the mudrik can end the Salat with Salaam. Then the Masbooq should complete his own missed Raka’at.

6. The Imaam will make Khalifa where the Bina (the point at which the Salat was halted) is lawful, when the Bina is unlawful he cannot make Khalifa.

7. If an Imaam owing to fear or shame or shyness or due to any other reason cannot recite the Quran to the extent compulsory then it is lawful for him to make Khalifa.

8. After making Khalifa the imaam will not remain as Imaam he will be muqtadi of his Khalifa.


1. While Saying Salat if farting takes place one should go for ablution immediately & return after ablution as early as possible & make his original Salat at which he stopped as basis. In this basis the ‘Rukūʿ’ & ‘Sajdah ‘ in which the ‘Hadas’ has taken place is to be performed as compulsory.

2. After ablution a person remained alone he should complete his remaining Salat at the place of ablution (2) or any other place & if he was Imaam or Muqtadi or if the Jama’at is continued he should join the Jama’at & complete the remaining Salat as Lahiq. That means the Raka’ats which is missed, without qirat & then follows the imaam & if the Jama’at is over performs the remaining Salat alone without qirat. In such case they have got the option to perform the Salat at the original place or at any other place.

Notes: –1. If the Imaam has exceeded these limits the Salat will be nullified.2. It is preferable to perform the Salat at the original place, because the Salat is to be completed at one place.

Note: This article Core content is taken from Ahle khidmat e sharia. You can also read online other books from the Zia Islamic Books as well as Al-Mahad. You can read and buy online Islamic books, Cd’s and DVD’s in Minhaj Books.


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