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Defects in Salat | Can a Woman Is Standing With a Man in Namaz

Defects in Salat The following acts will nullify the Salat:

Talking during Salat (1) (whether intentionally or by mistake) or (in the dream or awoke, less or more). The following acts also amount to talking & spoil the Salat:

1. Answering to any person (even though they are Quranic words).

2. To say Salaam.

3. To respond to the Salaam

4. Uttering reply to the sneezing (2).

5. Uttering Alhamdu Lillaah on good news.

6. Uttering on bad news.

7. On some exclamatory news uttering ‘Subhanallah’ or ‘Laa’ilaha Illallah

8. On some pain or menace etc., uttering Ah! Or Oh! Or Uf!

9. On some pain or menace weeping (3) loudly which form alphabets (Weeping on hearing about Heavens or Hell will not spoil the Salat).

Notes: –1. Talk means there are minimum two alphabets or one alphabet which gives the meanings that can be understood. e.g. ‘qi’ which is a comm. & sentence. The meaning of which is to save, take care. However, if the alphabet is meaningless it will not spoil the Salat.2. In reply to our own sneeze to utter ‘Yarhamukallah’ or by addressing himself ‘Alhamdu Lillaah’is not the spoiler of the Salat.3. If only tears came out without any sound the Salat will not be spoiled.

10. Expectoration without any reason (with two alphabets (1) for E.g Akh, Akh, Sound. (If this excuse) (2) is genuine (3) Salat will not be spoiled.

11. Making a Dua’ like begging with the people (4).

12. Recitation of Quran by seeing (5) (to caste eye on the writing of a paper & conceive its meaning but not recited with tongue the Salat will not be spoiled.).

13. Wrong recitation of Quran(6) (In such a way that it will give wrong meaning or change the meaning or the words will become meaningless(7) or recitation like singing by ignoring vowels provided the meaning is changed(8) will spoil the Salat).

Notes: –1. If no alphabets are formed & with no reason expectoration takes place it is not a spoiler but abhorrent.2. If anyone is suffering from cough or unintentionally coughed.3. Expectoration by Imaam to clean his throat or by a mukhtadi to point out the mistake of Imaam or it is for the purpose of informing the other that this person is performing Salat.

4. Saying O! Allah give me clothes, give me food, give me wife or such Dua’ which cannot be fulfilled by creatures, whereas if it is a part of Quran & Hadith. Salat will not be spoiled.

5. Whether Imaam or individual.

6. Whether this error is in alphabets or sentences e.g. any alphabet or sentence is changed or reduced or increased or to disturb its place. However mistakes in vowels (Zabar, Zeyr, pesh) will not nullify the Salat, because many people cannot differentiate between them. Further in some alphabets where it is difficult to differentiate, such as ‘Saawd’ ‘Seeen’ etc. The change in these alphabets such as reciting ‘Seeen’ instead of ‘Saawd’ will not nullify the Salat. Provided one cannot differentiate or not able to express them properly & if one has command & despite of having capacity purposely or intentionally changes them this will spoil the Salat.

7. & if there is a mistake which does not change the meaning to much extent & such word is available in the Quran the Namaaz will not be void.

8. If there is no change in the meaning the Salad will not be void.

Warning: – 1

Every person saying Salat specially the Imaam is compulsory to learn the grammar, phonetics (1), (Tajweed) & make efforts to recite Quran correctly as far as possible, so that there is no Controversy of spoiling Salat.

14. Prompting(2) in the Salat(3) or accepting the promptings(4), when the person prompting is not a follower (Mukhtadi) & a person accepting is not his Imaam (if a muqtadi feeds his Imaam the Salad will not be defectiv(5), eventhough the Imaam  has recited Quran to the extent required or not).

Warning: – 2.

If the Imaam has completed recitation to the extent compulsory he should move for genuflexion (Rukūʿ), otherwise start another Surah immediately (he should not give chance by keeping Quiet to the muqtadi to prompt him), & the muqtadi should not prompt the Imaam immediately after the Imaam is stopped. Whereas he should not prompt (6) unless there is dire need (7) because prompting suddenly is abhorrent.

Warning: – 3.

In the Salat responding to the prompting of a person other than Muqtadi nullifies the Salat (8).

Notes: –1. Rules regarding phonetics (Tajweed) are mentioned in the supplement enclosed to this book at the end.2. That means to prompt a person who hesitates or falters in recitation of Quran.3. Whether the person who has prompted is also in the Salat or not in all such cases the Salat of the person prompt in g will be nullified.

4. Whether the prompting is accepted from a person engaged in the Salat or from the person who is not in the Salat in all such cases the Salat of the person accepting the prompting will be nullified. However the person prompting has not completed his prompting. He recollected the same automatically the Salat will not be nullified.

5. Neither the Muqtadi nor of the Imaam.

6. At the time of prompting the intention is to prompt the Imaam & not recitation.

7. The Imaam recites wrongly & tries to proceed or the Imaam stops recitation & stands silently.

8. If a person who is not in the Salat said to a person engages in Salat”get aside” the Salat of that person will become void if he obliges him. But if he did not get aside immediately whereas keeping in view the rule of shariat he got aside by himself after sometime his Salat will not be void.

Eating, drinking, intentionally or unintentionally (Even though it was very small in quantity(1) yet something equal to parched gram or less is found in between the teeth(2) & swallowed(3) it, the Salat will not be nullified).

Loud laughter (4) by a major person in Salat (5).

Excessive act (Amal e Kaseer) (6):- It is neither part (7) of the Salat nor to correct (8) the Salat.

Warning: –

Scratching in Salat etc, Even though not an excessive action but scratching thrice in one posture & raising hands is called excessive action (Amal-e-Kaseer) which revokes the Salat .

Standing of a woman with a man side by side on the following conditions:-

Notes: –1. The woman is a major (9) or attaining puberty.2. There is nothing between them (10).1. Equal to cumin seed (Till).

2. If it is equal to a gram or more the Salat will be nullified.

3. Chewing nullifies the Salat, similarly keeping the sugar in the mouth & swallowing the saliva also nullifies.

4. In the Salat of Rukūʿ & Sajdah. But in funeral prayer loud laughter will not nullify the Salat.

5. Loud laughter means laughing in such a way that the next man can hear, this will nullify the ablution & Salat both. Laughing in such a way that he himself can hear but the next man did not, this is called amusement, which will nullify the Salat only but ablution will not be void. Laughed in such a way that neither he nor any other person heard it, it is called smiling. This will not nullify either Salat or ablution.

6. Excessive action is that action which creates an impression that he is not saying Salat or he himself feel that it is excessive action.

7. To do two Rukūʿ & three Sajdah in one Raka’at, though they are excessive action, but being the postures of Salat, they do not disturb the Salat.

8. If the ablution of a person is nullified & he went for fresh ablution or on the arrival of 3rd person the Muqtadi receded back or the Imaam has come forward etc., even though they are excessive actions, yet they are modifier of Salat, therefore they do not contravene the Salat.

9. Whether a stranger or a relative.

10. If there is a gap in between them & a person can stand in the gap that place will be taken as hedge & the Salat will not be void.

The Salat is of genuflexion (Rukūʿ) & prostration (Sajdah) (1)

The Salat of both the persons is the same (That means this woman accepted him as leader (Imaam) or both have accepted the leadership (Imaamat) of another person) (2).

Both are saying Salat in same direction (3).

The woman is capable of saying Salat perfectly (4).

The Place of Salat is common for both (5).

The closeness is lasted up to one posture (6).

The Imaam has made intention of leading the Salat of woman at the time of beginning the Salat (If the Imaam  has not made intention of leading the Salat for woman the Salat of the male will not be defective. Whereas the Iqteda of the female will not be correct).

Warning: –

By close standing of a woman the Salat of 3 males (7) will become void. That who is on the right side. That who is on the left side. That who is behind her.

Prostration on a dirty place.

Without reason turning the chest from Qibla (Kaba) (8).

In prostration raising up both the legs from the ground.

Notes: –1. If it is funeral prayer the Salat will not be void.2. One person is saying Salat individually & the second one is muqtadi or both performing Salat separately the Salat will not be void.3. Inside Ka’ba people can perform Salat facing any direction of ka’ba the Salat will not be void.

4. If the woman is a lunatic the Salat will not be void.

5. If a male is on a platform which is of the height of a human body & the female is in the down then the Salat will not be void.

6. If it is less than one posture (Rukun) it will not be void.

7. The Salat of the remaining people will not be void, because those persons whose Salat  is void will become hedge between them.

8. Due to any reason there was farting in the Salat & one went for fresh ablution in this process the body is turned from Qibla the Salat will not be defective.

9. Out of the conditions prescribed for Salat no condition is fulfilled (1).

10. From out of the essential postures of the Salat any one of the postures (2) is not performed.

Warning – I:-

1. Passing of a person from the front of one who is observing Salat (3) will not be a spoiler (4) of Salat. However the person coming will be a sinner (5).

2. If a person saying Salat on a pavement of such a height that the parts of the body of a person crossing him from the front will not confront physically & no sin.

3. A person saying the Salat in a forest should keep a Sutra (6) before him at least one cubit long & thick as finger.

4. The Sutra is to be erected opposite to the right eyebrow keeping a distance of 3 cubits.

5. If the Sutra cannot be erected it is to be laid in front in the length & not in width.

6. The Sutra of Imaam will serve for all the followers (Muqtadi).

7. Passing before a Sutra is not a sin (7).

Notes: –1. Covering the hidden parts (Satre Aurat) but due to any reason any condition is not fulfilled it will not be the spoiler of the Salat.2. If the Rukūʿ was not performed till the salaam, the Salat will be spoiled.3. The sight of the person saying prayers is the limit of sutra in a big mosque or in the forest area, etc. while keeping the eyes on the place of Sajdah, which will not fall on the person crossing. But in small mosques or houses there is no limit of sight, whereas without maintaining the post (Sutra) or screencrossing before the Namazi is abhorrent.

4. The person crossing is a male or female, dog or donkey.

5. There is a Hadith, that if a person crossing before the Namazi knows the severity of sin for it that he will have to stay for forty (The narrator says that he did not remember whether it is 40 days or 40 months or 40 years).

6. Sutra means a wooden pole or anything which creates a hurdle before the person saying Salat.

7. However crossing between the Namazi & Sutra is sinful.

8. If there is no Sutra infront of the person saying Salat & a person tries to pass before him or from within the limit of Sutra the person saying the Salat should stop such person by gesture or by uttering Tasbih that means he should utter ‘Subhanallah’ (this order is for males) & if it is a woman she should strike one hand on the other.

Warning -II:-

1. When there is pressure of natural call, when the complainant is complaining, to save a person drowning or being burnt or a blind falling in a pit, it is obligatory to discontinue the Salat. Similarly in response to a call by the parents (1) if the Salat is Nafil one, it is obligatory to reply by discontinuing the Salat when the parents are not aware (2) of him performing the Salat.

2. To kill a snake (3) or scorpion, or the animals used for riding is running away or a valuable thing is being damaged, if the value of the thing is about four grams of silver to discontinue the Salat is lawful.

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