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Heaven – A person’s every desire will be fulfilled

A person’s every desire will be fulfilled in Heaven (Jannat Paradise)

A person's every desire will be fulfilled

Al-Mighty Allah says, ” And in Heaven will be whatever the inner-soul desires & whatever the eye finds pleasure in, & you will stay there forever. (43:71) Everything in Heaven will be in accordance with a person’s desires & wishes.

Abu Huraira narrates that Prophet (Peace be upon Him) said, “Definitely, the lowest position of Heaven which one of you will receive is that Al-Mighty Allah will say to him, ‘Wish [for whatever you desire].’ Then he will wish [for whatever he desires]. Thereafter, Al-Mighty Allah will say to him, ‘Have you wished [for whatever you desire]?’ He will say ‘Yes.’ Then Al-Mighty Allah will say to him, ‘Definitely, you will receive double that which you had desired. ‘Abu Said said,’ You will receive what you desired & ten times thereof.

Reference: (Sahih Muslim – 451)

A person will receive everything that he ever desired in Heaven & more. Simak narrates that he met Abdullah ibn Abbas in Madina after he had lost his eyesight & he asked him, “[Tell me about the] clothes of Heaven.” Ibn Abbas answered, “There is one tree in Heaven which will bear fruit similar to a pomegranate. When a friend of Allah will desire clothes, the tree will automatically present to him 70 pairs of clothes, each with a different color. [After he has chosen what he desires,] the tree will return back to its place.

Reference: (ibn abi dunya – 53)

Note: Hafiz ibn Hajar mentions that the saying of a Sahabi (Companion of the Prophet) who did not take from the narrations of the Jews & the Christians which discusses such a topic which cannot be determined by a person’s logic & deduction is equivalent to a hadith which is directly from Prophet.

Abdur Rahmaan ibn Saidah narrates that he used to love horses, so he said to Prophet (Pbuh) “0 Prophet, will there be horses in Heaven?” Prophet (Pbuh) said, “0 Abdur-Rahmaan, if Al-Mighty Allah enters you into Heaven, you will receive a horse made from a ruby which will have two wings. These horses will t1y you wherever you desire.

Reference: (tabrani – 4/524)

Abu Umamah said, “Definitely, a person from Heaven will desire the drink of Heaven. Then, a glass will appear & fall in his hand, He will drink from this glass, [& after he is finished,] it will return to its original place. (ibn abi dunya)

A person will drink a pure wine in Heaven which does not intoxicate & does not cause head-aches.

Ibn Abbas said, “The extended shade (mentioned in the verse 56:30) is a tree in Heaven. Its trunk will be so long that it will take a fast horse-rider 100 years to travel from one side to the other. The people of Heaven will leave their rooms & go to the shade of the tree to talk to each another. They will talk about the amusements of the world & will desire them. Allah will send a wind from Heaven which will shake this tree, causing it to re-create all the amusements of this world. (ibn abi dunya)

Abu Huraira narrates that Prophet (Pbuh) was speaking whilst villager was sitting by him. Prophet (Pbuh) said, “A person in Heaven will ask Allah permission to farm. Al-Mighty Allah will say to him, ‘Don’t you already have whatever you desire?’ He will answer, yes, but I love farming.’ He will plant his crop, & in a split-second it will grow tall & be ready for harvest. [After it is harvested,] this crop will be as big as mountains. Al-Mighty Allah will say to him, ‘0 son of Adam, take this because nothing will satisfy you.’

Reference: (Sahih Bukhari – 2348)

Ali narrates that Prophet (Pbuh) said, “Indeed, there will be a market-place in Heaven where buying & selling will not take place, but there will be outer appearances of men & women. When a person desires an outer appearance, he will immediately take the form of that appearance [temporarily].”

Reference: (Tirmidhi)

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A person’s every desire will be fulfilled in Heaven.

Note: Heaven = Jannah, Core Content is taken from The Maidens of Jannah.

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Being a Muslim it is must to spread saying (Ahadith) of Prophet (PBUH) to each and every one for which one will be rewarded both in this world and life hereafter.


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