Quran: And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together & do not become divided.(3/103) O you who have believed, fear Allah. & let every soul look to what it has put forth for tomorrow - & fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.(59/18) He decreed for you the same religion decreed for Noah, & what we inspired to you, & what we decreed for Abraham, Moses, & Jesus: "You shall uphold this one religion, & do not divide it."(42:13). The idol worshipers will greatly resent what you invite them to do. GOD redeems to Himself whomever He wills; He guides to Himself only those who totally submit.(42:14) Hadith: Make (Execute) For Allah, As Allah is watching you. Ummah Unity

List of Permitted (Halal) And Prohibited (Haram) Animals & Birds

Statement showing the permitted and prohibited animals.

1. The animals which are shown as prohibited in the Holy Quran and by tradition, such as swine or pig, pet donkey are undoubtedly prohibited.

2. The animals in which there is no blood at all such as flies, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroach, scorpion, glow warm, white ants, etc are all prohibited (Haram), but locusts are permitted without slaughter (zibha).

3. The animal which contains blood but it does not flow such as snakes, lizard, house lizard, forest lizard etc are prohibited.

4. The animals which are called insects which live under the earth such as rat, muskrat, bandicoot, mongoose, etc. are all prohibited.

5. The animals which are born in water and live therein such as frog, crab, alligator, tortoise etc. All are prohibited but the fish, even dead is permitted. however fish which is turned turtle on the water automatically without effecting any injury which is called ‘tafee is prohibited. ‘bam fish’ and ‘black fish’ are also permitted. Prawns are disputed, those who call it fish it is permitted for them and those who do not declare it as fish for them it is disapproved to the point of being forbidden.

6. The animals containing flowing blood which eat grass, leaves etc. But they do not inflict wounds with their teeth and do not prey such as camel, goat, sheep, cow, ox, buffalo etc., (pet or stray) deer, stag etc. All are permitted, but the horse is abhorrent.

7. The birds which peck only (To peck the corn is a sign of lawfulness and to tear the flesh with claws is the sign of prohibition.) but do not cause wound with their claws and do not prey such as sparrow, pigeon, dove, partridge, cock, quail, duck, charkavva, lark, crane, mina, parrot etc. are all permitted.

8. The beasts which inflict wounds with their teeth and prey such as tiger, wolf, jackle, fox, leopard, panther, cat, dog, monkey, langoor, bear, heyna are all prohibited.

9. The birds which use their claws for hunting. and inflict injury such as hawks, falcon, sparrow hawk, female hawk, vulture, shikra, latora etc, are all prohibited.

10. The birds which feed upon dead such as vultures and phoenix (Huma) are all prohibited.

11. The animals, among whose parents, one is permissible and the other is prohibited in such cases the mother will be counted (The mule is prohibited when his mother is a she-ass and if the mother is a cow it is lawful and if the mother is mare it is abhorrent.). If the mother is prohibited the kid is also prohibited.

12. The milk of the permitted animal is permitted and of those prohibited is prohibited. similarly the eggs of the permitted birds are permitted and the prohibited are prohibited.

For easy understanding a chart of Permitted And Prohibited Animals is given below:

S. No Name of the animal Order
1 Martin, Swallow Halal
2 Owl Note: To some Islamic Juristists it is lawful. Haram
3 Camel Halal
4 Stag Halal
5 Falcon Haram
6 Sparrow Hawk (Basha) Haram
7 Balm Fish Halal
8 Lion Haram
9 Quail Halal
10 Badger (Bijju) Haram
11 Scorpion Haram
12 Duck Halal
13 Goat Halal
14 Forest Goat Halal
15 Crane Halal
16 Nightingale Halal
17 Cat Haram
18 Monkey Haram
19 Panther Haram
20 Hornet, Wasp Haram
21 Heyna Haram
22 Sheep Halal
23 Buffalo Halal
24 Falcon (Female Hawk) Haram
25 Weaver Bird Halal
26 Red Welvet Haram
27 Ox Halal
28 Tirmati Haram
29 Tadas Haram
30 Patridge (All types) Halal
31 Leopard Haram
32 Locusts Halal
33 Prawn Note: To some Islamic Jurists it is lawful & to some it is disapproved to the point of forbidden. Disputed
34 Cricket (Insect) Haram
35 Sparrow Halal
36 Ravine Deer (Chikara) Halal
37 Ruddy Goose Halal
38 Bat Haram
39 Crested Lark (Chendole) Halal
40 Rat (Whether house hold or forest) Haram
41 Lizard Haram
42 Musk Rat Haram
43 Panther Haram
44 Spotted deer Halal
45 Vulture Haram
46 Mule Note: It is lawful if the mother is lawful Haram
47 Rabbit Halal
48 Ram Halal
49 Bear Haram
50 Buck (Sanbar) Halal
51 Snake Haram
52 Blue necked bird (Subzak, neel kanth) Halal
53 A Bushy Tailed Cow of Tibat (Sara Gai) Halal
54 Sheldrake (Surkhab) Halal
55 Ermine (Sanjab) Haram
56 Swine Haram Haram
57 Lynx-Flex Caracal (Sia Gosh) Haram
58 Falcon Haram
59 Ostrich Halal
60 Honey Bee Haram
61 Sparrod Hawk   Haram
62 Tiger Haram
63 Parrot Halal
64 She Parrot Note: Apart from parrot it is smaller Halal
65 Dove Halal
66 Goose Halal
67 Ringdove (Khumri) Halal
68 Black Bird with white spot on the belly (Ka’bar) Halal
69 Pigeon Halal
70 Dog Haram
71 Tortoise Haram
72 The Heron fork tailed butcher bird Halal
73 Crow (Zage Kusht) Note: That which pecks the corn. It is mentioned in ‘Rukn-e-Rakeen’ that this crow is not available in this country. In the outskirts of Kabul it is abundant. Halal
74 Crow (Zage Akhakh) Note: That which pecks the corn and eats the dead. In ‘Rukn-e-Rakeen’ it is mentioned that it is not known whether this crow is available in this country or not and if available with what name it is known. Halal
75 Crow (Abqha) Note: That which eats the dead only. Haram
76 Crow (Azaaf) Note: That which preys with its jaws. Haram
77 Cuckoo Halal
78 Male Buffalo Halal
79 Centipede (kankhajura) Haram
80 Earthworm Haram
81 Crab Haram
82 Cow Halal
83 Gatur Halal
84 Vulture Haram
85 Pet Donkey Haram
86 Chameleon Haram
87 Zebra Halal
88 Horse Note: Difference of opinion Abhorrent
89 Iguana (Ghod phod, Goh) Haram
90 Squarrel Haram
91 Bandicoot Haram
92 Jackal Haram
93 Rhinoceros Disputed
94 Lal Halal
95 Latora Haram
96 Lakhlakh Halal
97 Langoor Haram
98 Coturix/Lark Halal
99 Fox Haram
100 Fish Halal
101 Cock Note: All Types Halal
102 Water Fowl Halal
103 Spider Haram
104 Crocodile Haram
105 Wagtail Halal
106 Peacock Halal
107 Mahuka Halal
108 Starling Halal
109 Frog Haram
110 Ram Halal
111 White Antilope Halal
112 Mungoos Haram
113 Elephant Haram
114 Hoopoe (hudhud) Halal
115 Deer Halal
116 Green Pigeon Halal
117 Phoenix Haram
118 Porcupine Haram

Content taken from Nisab ahle Khidmat e sharia

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  1. jannatul islam raisa

    cat is hallal……

  2. According to Quran tamaam Ghost Khor animals haram hain

  3. How is porcupine(saeh) haram? It is a vegetarian. Someone please give clarification in light of Quaran/Sunnah.

  4. Why is Phoenix on this list? Phoenix doesn’t even exist… remove it or people aren’t gonna take your list seriously

  5. Parrot not halal

  6. Can somebody tell me
    Black rumped flameback halal or haram???

  7. Crab is halal
    As the quran says what ever comes out of water is halal even if it’s dead…

    Unless it’s poisonous or harmful..

  8. Why pig is not listed in here?

  9. Is this list done by Muslim? Where parrot and zebra is hilal but crab is harm.

    • Can we Eat the Zebra? Bazaz Narrated in Sahih Muslim and Bukhari from Abu Qatada (may Allah be pleased with him) that he saw a ZEBRA and hunted it down. Prophet (swallallaho alihi wassallam) inquired do you have any part of its meat he replied yes I have a thigh. Prophet of Allah (swallallaho alihi wassallam) accepted it and ate it.

  10. 2 weird things.

    1. Why is donkey haram and zebra is halal.

    2. Crow should be haram that’s so weird.

    • Domeaticated donkey or pet donkey is not permissible. Zebra even though is also a form of donkey but its wild and not domesticated or kept as pet.

    • Can we Eat the Zebra? Bazaz Narrated in Sahih Muslim and Bukhari from Abu Qatada (may Allah be pleased with him) that he saw a ZEBRA and hunted it down. Prophet (swallallaho alihi wassallam) inquired do you have any part of its meat he replied yes I have a thigh. Prophet of Allah (swallallaho alihi wassallam) accepted it and ate it.

    • My dear friend it feeds on dead cows and animals after getting​ killed by its poisonous bite
      So Qur’an says that it feeds as carnivorous on dead

  11. sir plzz tell me jo kamaad main hota hai aksar jis ko kamadi kawa boltay hain wo halaal hota hai ya haraam.plzz sab birds k name with pictures hotay to boht acha hota bcz sab ilaqon main logon nay mukhtlif mukhtlif naam rkhay hotay hain aisay nam se pehchan nai pata insan.

  12. Why is nightingale haram? Seems no reason for it. Could you please give a reference?

  13. Phoenix hahahahahahhaha

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  15. Ifudontknow Gettoknow

    Is a dead human halal?

  16. Ryan-Gregory Smith

    Why is cat Haram, non muslim asking

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  18. Could the list not be in alphabetical order with actual sensible edible organisms eg who would want to eat a honey bee???

  19. Can someone please explain why Phoenix is on the list? How does anybody even eat it? I thought it’s a fire bird capable of reborn.

  20. Percupine haram hai or halal

  21. What bout gerbils and hamsters as pets?? R they halal or haram?

    • Question

      it is permissible to keep Hamters as Pets but one of my Friends told me that the Fatwa of Jamiat South Africa approved by Scholars and Fatwa of Madrasah Azaadville South Africa states its not permissible and here is the proof given by Muftis- Hamsters are rodents and therefore will fall in the same category as mice and rats. They are regarded in Shari’ah as being موذى (harmful). If a person whilst in the state of ihraam kills a rat, mouse or hamster then he will not be liable to pay any compensation. Therefore the rule with regards to hamsters will be the same as that of mice i.e. one may not keep them as pets.


      Muhtaram / Muhtaramah

      In the Name of Allāh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

      As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāh wa-barakātuh.

      We respectfully disagree with the mentioned Fatwa. The following Hadith is the substantiation used for the impermissibility of keeping hamsters as pet,

      عن سالم عن أبيه سئل النبى -صلى الله عليه وسلم- عما يقتل المحرم من الدواب فقال « خمس لا جناح فى قتلهن على من قتلهن فى الحل والحرم العقرب والفأرة والحدأة والغراب والكلب العقور

      Rasulullah صلى الله عليه و سلم was asked concerning those animals which a person in the state of Ihram is allowed to kill. He stated, “There is no harm upon a person in killing five (animals) whether in the Hill (out of the boundaries of the Haram) or in the Haram, namely, the scorpion, the rat, the kite-bird, the raven and the rabid dog.” The respected Ulama who disallow keeping hamsters as pets draw an analogy upon the rat. They state that the rat is harmful based upon the fact that Rasulullah صلى الله عليه و سلم permitted killing them in the Haram. They analogize the same ruling to the hamster merely because both animals are classified as rodents. Thus, they surmise that since a hamster is a rodent similar to a rat, then the same ruling of it being harmful should apply and this harmfulness of the animal is the illation of it being impermissible to keep as a pet.

      In response, we commence by examining the meaning of the word rodent. The scientific classification of rodent or rodentia merely refers to such mammals that have a set of upper and lower incisors which grow continuously. A hamster falls under the same classification due to the same set of teeth. We fail to see how merely having this classification qualifies the hamster to fall under the same ruling of a rat whereas the illation of the above mentioned Hadith is the harmfulness of the creatures. If we have to use the same line of reasoning, then technically, a cat is considered a feline and predatory animal similar to a lion, panther and cheetah. These are also very harmful creatures, yet Abu Hurairah رضى الله عنه who acquired his nickname due to his association and affection for kittens, kept cats as pets. Abu Hurairah رضى الله عنه kept these animals normally considered as predators for the sake of affection, companionship and play. This shows that mere scientific classifications of animals do not qualify as proper illations to analogize one ruling to another. Considering the fact that the above-mentioned Hadith mentions such animals that can cause harm, other animals that have a similar nature in causing harm to people will also fall under the same ruling. This seems to be a more proper illation for the ruling than merely having a certain set of teeth. A hamster is generally known to be a gentle, playful and harmless creature with different behavioral traits and characteristics of a rat; hence it will be excluded from the analogy presented by these respected Ulama.

      In conlusion, Mawlana Abdul Hayy Lucknawi, when asked concerning keeping birds and small quadrupeds such as hamsters as pets, issued general permissibility.

      (Majmu’at al-Fatawa, vol. 2 pg. 201)

      And Allah knows best

      Darul Iftaa

      Madrasah Inaa’miyyah

    • So humans domesticated rats,hamsters,gerbils,guinea pigs,chinchillas,degus,pacas and many more animals to not keep as pets?
      I dont think giving a domestic animal a happy life is haram.

  22. This text is priceless. When can I find out more?

  23. Bazaz Narrated in Sahih Muslim and Bukhari from Abu Qatada (may Allah be pleased with him) that he saw a ZEBRA and hunted it down. Prophet (swallallaho alihi wassallam) inquired do you have any part of its meat he replied yes I have a thigh. Prophet of Allah (swallallaho alihi wassallam) accepted it and ate it.

  24. Bazaz Narrated in Sahih Muslim and Bukhari from Abu Qatada (may Allah be pleased with him) that he saw a ZEBRA and hunted it down. Prophet (swallallaho alihi wassallam) inquired do you have any part of its meat he replied yes I have a thigh. Prophet of Allah (swallallaho alihi wassallam) accepted it and ate it.

    So yea…Zebra is Hala

    While crab is really a conflict between different “Aqeeda” of Islam
    Some wahabi says its Halal while some of the sunni says its haram.
    I’m a sunni aswell and I live in Saudi Arabia and here we eat all sorts of crabs, even lobster.

  25. having tortoise as a pet is halal or haram?

  26. are pheonixes real im muslim

  27. koel bird is halal or haram

  28. I am ssking abuot crab, some peoples sya it is harama some se mukru some say haram?
    can you answer about it.

  29. hare is halal r haram

  30. Kha loo bhai jaan

  31. This makes no sense can someone explain how some of these are haram because i dont think crab is haram

  32. This makes no sense can someone explain how some of these are haram because i dont think crab is haram

  33. Several animals listed are poorly researched. This page has a lot of misinformation. A small example: Both ostrich and crane often eat small animals like frogs, rodents and lizards. They are not halaal.

  34. Assalamulaykum war rah mat Allah wa Barakatuhu..
    Thanks for the info…in these list I just confuse about crab and cat is it haram?????yes if to ate cat we can’t …but as to pets to keep and my understand in my whole life cat is halal to kept,,,and also crab can eat ……but if this is really haram Alhamdulillah to know about it…I want it know more how can I found …thank you Jazakumullahu khairan

  35. I take pleasure in looking through your website. It was extremely interesting. 🙂

  36. it says duck is halal but I’ve asked many people and they say the duck is haraam

  37. At what basis you are declared here the food menu specifically & explicitly this is Haram, Halal & prohibited. could you be able to elaborate the principle facts as supportive from the Quran for the same?

  38. Really, really,really, 10Q, & jezakumullahu kheyren for this attractive way of presents. inshaAllah, Allah does not let (to go to waste) the reward of good workers.

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  40. Great site. Just had a quick read.

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  45. Crab is Halal so is any game from the sea. Who ever says no intentionally, they are speaking against Allah swt and the Quran.

    Lawful to you is game from the sea and its food as provision for you and the travelers, but forbidden to you is game from the land as long as you are in the state of iúram. And fear Allah to whom you will be gathered.
    ~ Quran Al-Maida 5:96

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  47. African people eat grasscutter it greater cane rat. They say it halal. Should we stop them?

  48. Mohammad Anwasi

    Phoenix is actually Hala. Sheik Al-Nahari says in Tasniwat al-Maktum bel Hijri el-Manqhush Vol 3. Page 478 that Rasul Allah (PBUH) and his Sahabah were scorched hunting Phoenixes for food on their way back to Mecca.

  49. u should check the info on your website because some of the animals are halal but u wrote that they were haram like cats, tortoises
    plus why did you write phoenix it is not even a real thing

  50. Rabit is Haram Animal

  51. Hyena is halal due to hadeeth in Ibn majah and Abu Dawud

  52. Armadillo halal or haram in islam kindly answer me… because someone new to except islam… he did not know about this… and he eat this… now tell me how to recover this error…

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  55. Peacock is haram

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