Quran: And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together & do not become divided.(3/103) O you who have believed, fear Allah. & let every soul look to what it has put forth for tomorrow - & fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.(59/18) He decreed for you the same religion decreed for Noah, & what we inspired to you, & what we decreed for Abraham, Moses, & Jesus: "You shall uphold this one religion, & do not divide it."(42:13). The idol worshipers will greatly resent what you invite them to do. GOD redeems to Himself whomever He wills; He guides to Himself only those who totally submit.(42:14) Hadith: Make (Execute) For Allah, As Allah is watching you. Ummah Unity

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Let’s Spread The Education of Islam Peace & Success | Islamic Web

Christian Girl Convert to Islam, Message of… by IslamEducation4all Click Here for More Videos WHAT IS ISLAM Islam is a Universal and Monotheistic Religion Islam, divine revelation, is a monotheistic religion of spiritual truth, inner light, love, human brotherhood, social justice, open to all races and peoples without distinction, to the men and women of All countries and ages, whatever ... Read More »

Zakat Calculator – How To Calculate Zakaat

Zakat Calculator

Zakat Calculator, 1/40th portion of the state and effects (nisab) in possession for the span of one complete year. Rupees. Rs. Ps. (Zakat Calculator in Indian Currency) 1) 100.  – 2. 50 2) 200   – 5. 00 3) 300   – 7. 50 4) 400.  – 10. 00 5) 500.  – 12. 50 6) 600.  – 15. 00 7) ... Read More »

Zakah | Zakat On Sayeema – Camels, Cows, Goats – Zakat

What is Zakat

Zakat on Sayeema (herds and flocks) : 1) Saeima is understood to imply camels, oxen, goat and other animals which subsist for the greater part of the year upon pastures and which are kept for milk, breeding or fatness. If they live half the year in pasture grounds and fed for the other half upon grass (with cost or without ... Read More »

Zakah – Zakaat On Sliver And Gold:-

Zakat on silver and gold

Zakat on silver and gold:- 1) On silver and gold zakah is absolutely obligatory (1) (in whatever form it may be in the shape (2) of coins, gold coins, jewelry (3), utensils (4), etc. 2) 40th part of silver and gold is to be paid as zakat. 3) The prescribed limit of silver is 200 dirham (425 grams and 285 milligrams) and on ... Read More »

Zakaat – Conditions for Correct payment of Zakah

zakat correct payment

Conditions for Correct payment of Zakat:- Note:- Sound conditions to whom the zakaat is payable. Zakat correct payment 1. A muslim (not an unbeliever) 2. Sane (not insane) 3. Major (not a minor) year(1) : According to the lunar month. due on it (2) : Even though it is acquired a day before the end of the year. 4) Intention:- ... Read More »

Stipulations Of Zakat – Conditions For Making Zakaat Obligatory

zakat conditions

Zakat Conditions: Stipulations of Zakah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9ibTecXEyI   1) Zakat is an individual duty on every muslim, sane, major (man or woman). 2) The denier of zakaat is an unbeliever. 3) The evader of zakat is a transgressor, abator of payment is a sinner and a person preventing it is liable to be killed. Zakat Conditions: for making zakah obligatory : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf0gpxUsuhk ... Read More »

What Is Zakat | Zakah In Islam – Defination

Zakat On Goods of Trade

Zakat Info | Zakah In Islam – Definition : Zakat info: Zakah is commonly referred to as either a tax or as charity. Neither of these is accurate as Zakah is a divine duty. Zakah is considered a right of the poor over the rich. Withholding it is tantamount to depriving the poor of their God-given right. Allah (SWT) says of the wealthy in ... Read More »